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Anonymous said: yeah.. she looked kind of strange in 2007, no? 2008-2011 were her best years. for example, how to lose friends and alienate people.. she looked quite strange.

I think so as well!! I enjoy her now, I can’t wait for TMNT

Anonymous said: is it me or did megan look really weird in 2007? something made her look catlike.. what did she do that made her eyes so squinty? also, what year do you think she looked best in?

I loved Megan Fox in 2011+ I think these have been her best years, I think in 2007 she was still trying to establish herself & what she wanted to have her trademark as, so she tried to be small & pointy (so not her look)

megansus said: Do you know if teameganfox is still active? Because she has a twitter but she doesn't use it and I'll love to use it for her or something.. If you know anyone who owns the account, please tell me :)

I don’t know if she’s still active or not unfortunately :( id say just keep contacting her!

Anonymous said: could you recomend any megan blogs?

Yeahmeganfox is one of my favorites

Imcrazyformeganfox Meganfoxrocksmyworld You can also just scroll down the tags for Megan fox & find blogs!

Anonymous said: awesome blog (:

Thank you !!